Newport Agricultural Fair

August 11th - 12th, 2017

About Us

The Newport Agricultural Fair will celebrate its 82nd birthday this year making it the oldest continuous agricultural fair in the state of Virginia. This annual event is scheduled to kick off Friday, August 11th at 4 pm on the grounds of the Newport Recreation Center located off of Route 42 in Newport.

The largest fireworks display in Giles County will bring the event to a close on Saturday, August 12th. Featuring rides, good food, games, a horse show, a horse pull, bingo, live music, and more, this is a weekend that you won't want your family to miss! Come on out and enjoy the fun!

Board of Directors
President Leon Law
Vice President Barry Link
Secretary Kayla Evans
Treasurer Ella Mae Vaught

David Brady | Tom Brobson
Cole David | Nan Gray
Stephen Hypes | Wally Hypes
Amanda Meredith | Pamela Meredith
Lori Porterfield | Betsy Sarver
Jean Vincel | Lauren Watts

Lifetime Board Members
Dana Porterfield | Darrell Kessinger
Eleanor Link